Sing! Dance! Play! Sharing Music With Your Children.

A playful workshop for parents and care givers who are non-musicians. Learn simple easy musical activities to help foster emerging musical aptitude in young children. Discover the positive impact making music has on physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Find out how you can nourish the in-born musical intelligence of everyone in your family


Teacher Tell Us A Story

Learn to tell stories without the book! Storytelling develops language, imagination, self-expression, and other essential communication skills necessary to reading and writing. This fun-filled interactive workshop provides experiences in finding, learning and telling stories effectively. Everyone leaves with at least one story ready to tell and ideas for implementing storytelling activities with children.


Family Treasures: Sharing Family Stories and Songs

Telling stories, reading aloud and singing with your children encourages creativity, promotes language and literacy, builds musical competency, enhances self-esteem and strengthens family communications. This workshop for parents, grandparents and care givers will

  • Develop an appreciation for the importance of sharing family stories
  • Strengthen your ability to tell your own family stories
  • Incorporate storytelling in your daily activities
  • Encourage you to preserve and pass on family histories
  • Recapture your memories and develop stories to share


Take Two Tandem Tellers Present: Instant Theater

This day-long classroom program is suitable for grades 3 and up. After listening to a story, students participate in theater games followed by a discussion about story structure and elements. Working together with the students a plan for re-telling the story is developed. Students are encourage to change story elements such as characters or setting.  Sound effects and simple props which we provide are used to bring the story to life. After a quick rehearsal, it’s showtime!  If the students are comfortable enough and time allows, the show is presented to another classroom. Everyone gets a chance to participate in the production at a level comfortable for them.

Our Instant Theater program is designed to facilitate collaboration and cooperation among the students. Individual students benefit as well. Performing within the context of the group builds self-confidence and a sense of personal success. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to improvise and think quickly on their feet, an essential skill for public speaking

The program also supports writing and literacy curriculum goals.  By re-telling their own version of the story, students learn first hand about basic story structure, point-of-view, setting, dialogue, narrative, and character development.