“You amaze me with your talents and the magical moments you create for our preschoolers! As a preschool, we provide many different learning opportunities to enhance our daily curriculum. You are the only one (other than our teachers) who has successfully come through our doors with the ability to maintain the attention of 18 three-year olds for one full hour. They smile with delight as they participate in your interactive tales, intently listening to what will happen next. Not one child misbehaves or needs reminders to listen because your enthusiasm embraces them. Thank you for bringing joy to our children’s lives and for fostering their imaginations while listening to a tale or two.”
Keri Lemaski, Owner Director Bright Start Learning Academy

“Thank you so much for coming to the Lincoln Library to portray Mrs. Frost—broken foot and all! You are such a trooper and your enthusiasm is contagious. I can’t think of a better beginning to the holiday season than a special performance by you.”
Kim Balentine, Children’s Librarian, Lincoln Library

“We here at Pumpkin Patch cannot thank you enough for making our children very happy. You truly are “Mother Goose” and have such a way with making them smile and get involved!
The Staff at Pumpkin Patch

“I love you Mother Juice!”
Said with a hug by a youngster at Bright Night in Providence

“She looks and sounds just the way I imagined Mother Goose would!”
Parent, Gordon School

“Puts her heart and soul into her programs…truly a pleasure.”
Fatima Martins, Children’s Friend and Service

An uplifting and fun-loving storyteller. Her commitment to young children is apparent to all who know her. Her knowledge of literature adds to the quality of her programs.”
Carol Patnaude, Friends House Day Care & Kindergarten