Take Two Tandem Tellers

taketwotandemtellersTwice the Talent, Double the Fun!

“Wave your hands wildly and say ‘I can help!’ in your best ant voices,” instruct Take Two Tandem Tellers Anne-Marie Forer and Cindy Killavey. Audience participation is a key element in all Take Two performances. The duo believes that inviting children to take an active role in the story increases enjoyment while aiding comprehension. Music and movement between stories help to refresh and refocus the audience. Take Two’s fun-filled family and elementary school programs feature stories from world folklore as well as from literary traditions.

Cindy Killavey is an award-winning storyteller, author, professional actress, and audio-book reader. Her background in musical and children’s theater enhances all her performances. She is listed on the folk arts/education roster of the RI State Council of the Arts. She also is the Take Two kazoo player.

Anne-Marie Forer plays a variety of instruments including fiddle, guitar and banjo. She brings her experience as a teacher, children’s librarian, storyteller and musician to Take Two performances.


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